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McKesson Europe AG (formerly Celesio AG, previously Gehe AG), with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany is a leading international wholesale and retail company and provider of logistics and services in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The company had around 37,000 employees at the end of the 2019 financial year (31 March 2019) and is represented in 13 countries in Europe. In the 2019 financial year, the company achieved a turnover of EUR 21.18 billion. The majority shareholder of the company is the US-based McKesson Corporation, which holds a share of 77.01%. The remaining 22.99% of shares are available on the open market. Kevin Kettler, a US citizen, has been Chairman of McKesson Europe since 1 November 2018.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for McKesson on Indeed in August 2020:

"New manager is just awful! He is a robot and expects you to be one. Benefits are terrible, the pharmaceutical company you would think they would be good. You walk 10-15 miles a day with bending, lifting reaching with an apron full of product that weighs at least 50 pounds. You leave sore and wake up more sore. Pay not good enough for the task and dealing with the new manager that screams in your face. Don’t work here, it’s not worth it. I have worked here for 10 years and I’ve NEVER SEEN IT SO BAD! The attendance policy is just awful! Good luck getting a day off! If you’re late one minute you get one point. Eight points you’re terminated! This place sucks. Period."


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Former Employee - I Had IV Different Job Titles Over IV Years says

"Company couldn’t work out whether they were coming or going issuing redundancies and department restructures every year! Incompetent management and ridiculous KPI’s which we’re not achievable."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Old style management - sexism and discrimination are the norm and many colleagues are underpaid. HR are understaffed and under skilled and therefore can't cope with grievances related to this. More generally No processes or accountability matrix in place, departments don't communicate and absolutely no respect shown for customers or colleague from head office staff. Finance department are out of their depth and the IT systems are from the 1970's ! Resulting in various and frequent losses of profit due to disabled sales systems or overpayment of discounts - apathetic responses from senior management means mistakes are repeated again and again!"

Former Employee - ER Advisor says

"Rubbish systems - IT in a poor state"

H R Administrator says

"Was the most stressed I've ever been at work... management don't care at all. They don't care about underperformance or over performance. They just let the business carry on without dealing with any issues."

Former Employee - SAP Consultant says

"Low staff retention, Despicable working conditions and long hours. The Finance department working on some global implementation, with GPO who is clueless of her job, 4 people left in 6 months. No expertise of Finance processes or SAP system, with many contracts not willing to work for them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor wages, no parking, no future"


"if employed by one of the many "daughter" companys your contract is not at level of your application.... a detail one doesn't question as nobody expects to be trapped in "paritair comittee" or contract"

Former Employee - Operations says

"Poor leadership, unrealistic deadlines and workload, poor training. Which are all the reasons why I left after finding another job. Speaking to the pharmacies, they are under ridiculous pressure to deliver, often short staffed & again working with a heavy workload that is unachievable"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Serious communication gaps. It has happened that two or more teams are working on the same subject simultaneously and sometimes none of them are working on what should have been their scope. Buck passing, lack of direction, no direction, no decision making and absence of communication is the norm. Most of the meetings end without a real decision or conclusion. Had very high expectations from this company considering it employs 38000 people and does €22 bn in revenues but these expectations were all shattered during my first week at work. If you like chaos, pretense, ignorance, inefficiencies etc. this is the place to be."


"Bad management. High turnover of staff ask them in the interview and they can't deni it. You manage over 3 companies which is why 50% of there staff left at the begining 2015. Team (what you call of it) are negative attitude, everyone gossips like jealous women and backstabbing . It never running smooth always missing emails. Favouritism is used and under paid for the industry. After my years of experience I was utterly disappointed a company that big company runs like thato compared to other industries"

Central Operations (Current Employee) says

"Worst company I ever worked for with the worst pay, yet most stress! Yet another company with too many managers and not enough staff actually doing the work. I am currently doing 2 peoples workloads meaning I have to stay late every night in order to get the work done. Everyone in my team is very miserable and we have a really high staff turnaround. I am the last one left from the mass recruitment drive from last summer as everyone else saw sense and found somewhere better where they are actually appreciated for the work they do. No chance of progression in my department as management do everything possible to sabotage any kind of progression due to their poor organisation and leadership. It has come to that time of year where mass redundancies are coming because the company hasn't met it's profits for the year. The only part of my job I like is that I can find a parking space, everything else is a shambles! Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!Free parkingEverything else"

Dispebser (Former Employee) says

"Pay rates not good, forced to do regular overtime, never out of work on time but don't get paid for staying back, short staffed all the time, management style is one of bullying.NoneLong hours, breaks often missed, not good pay"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"No ethics Senior management only interested in protecting their own jobs Always making redundancies as management cannot control costs Blame culture and favouritism towards people recruited from the Irish businesscanteenToxic blame culture"

Data Specialist (Current Employee) says

"For such a large company that pride themselves on 'icare' values (or whichever gimmick they decide to go with) You are just an number, no personal touch contrary to their 'icare' values...they do not 'care' about their staff and your wellbeing. A health care company that needs to go back to the roots of the meaning of the word in all respects. Yes...Bosses, Management, Line managers, Micro managers, HR, Employee Relations, we...the little people...employees...are actually human! There is a complete lack of organisation, one department doesn't know what the other is doing. The rules and regulations are made up as they go along. No consistency or equality, if your face fits (even if you know nowt) you'll be fine. Or will you??? Redundancies occur annually...so watch out! Sooooo overall nah, I wouldn't recommend working here unless you like to be invisible, undervalued, discriminated against, have a disability and if you have a brain with your own ideas you won't make it past the 3 month probationary period.Team members on the same level are great.The company & management."

Data Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The company have no care for the staff, they are all about keeping staff but pay is rubbish along with pension and no real benefits. There is always a risk of redundancy and especially in the next year due to a new system coming into play. Too many polices and procedures along with micro management. There is no team atmosphere it's everyone out for themselves. Different departments have different ideas on HR policies for example My Pad (yes they are ripping off apple even down to the design on the paper!) which is the appraisal some do it 4 times, some do it 2, some do it once a year and others don't even do it at all. Plus the managers have all different interpretation of what the scoring should be. They do not seem to care that there is a very high turn around of staff as the next lot of willing people are waiting around the corner, little do they know.Good Canteen called scriptsCompany"

Field based at Hq (Former Employee) says

"Worked for them for many year, was made redundant, didn't even get a card. The head office is a mafia, you are in or out. Every year they make redundancies in March. HR are a laugh and just kids all sucking up to the boss's. Do not work for them......me bitter? You bet!Not oneWorking there"

HR (Former Employee) says

"Manager's are unsupportive Do not pay overtime No flexibility from there side No support in developing your role The HR managment are very hypocritical with their approach to workSome friendly team members, learn new skills"

Head of Organisational Development (OD) says

"Culture & leadership was dysfunctional & not a constructive place to work. Not a good move for me. Always making redundancies. Good intentions on priorities but poorly executed or changed direction.BusyLeadership not focused"

CATEGORY (Former Employee) says

"Inexperienced management, lack of focus on retail side of business, lack of forward planning, systems not fit for purpose. Do not care about employees"

Dispenser (Current Employee) says

"Fast pace ..overworked and underpaid.qualified dispensers on minimum wage. A person starting off as a counter assistant gets min wage ..qualified dispenser of 20 years ..min wage ..shame on you Lloyds. ..hence new job title Healthcare partner..tut tutFriendly staffLow wages for the profession"

Retail Regional manager (Former Employee) says

"Great company, overall a good culture. Wonderful people. Really really really poor heads of regions. The capability of the heads of regions is exceptionally poor. Only appointed through relationships opposed to performance or results or skill.Good work life balanceVery poor Leadership (HOROS)"

Supply Chain Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was interviewed by Celesio, passed the 1st stage , but was informed that they are unable to employ me, simply bcs they need more money for their bosses bonuses. Silly HR approach without even knowing their company possition, poor communication."

IT Cost Analyst (Permanent) says

"Typical day is busy and generally requires a head down and get on with your work approach. I've learned about IT, Projects their processes in these areas. IT services and outsourcing.NoneOffice Culture/Politics"

Pharmacy Technician (Current Employee) says

"I guess it depends on the store but I've found the management to be terrible, no support at all. Expected to do a lot and deal with a lot of stress for terrible wages. Constant abuse from customers. Always short staffed. Don't get paid for being sick. Forced to make customers sign up for things they don't understand such as medicine use reviews, electronic prescriptions and repeat prescription services. Told if you don't meet your target you will get disciplinary action. I wouldn't bother!!NonePoor pay, stress."

Dispenser....supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Worked for lloyds for 18yrs but it has become very stressful ....more about budgets than people......so short staffed everywhere. ..no overtime....no sick pay...such a shame used to be a fun company to work for.DiscountsNot valued"

Retail &Supply Chain Master Data Manager (Former Employee) says

"Some good people, some not so good people. Old work culture. Still a developing company in terms of culture. Needs to do more in putting employees view and making them important"

Generics Buyer (Former Employee) says

"Celesio use to be a highly respected company within the industry however new management and recent decision making has ruined the companies image in the sector. No longer doing the right thing for the business or our clients.Good buildingUnder-resourced with unachievable targets"

Work Experience (Former Employee) says

"i did work experience here and someone that i know works for the company, they take work home all the time , theyre very under staffed but cannot hire anymore people.long hours"

HR Administrator (Former Employee) says

"the role is varied and the colleagues you work for are great - great values within the business. To much politics and lack of progression within certain derpartments"

. (Current Employee) says

"The people and the culture at Celesio are fantastic, which is predominantly due to the MD. There is a lack of internal movement or career progression, they make it quite hard to move functions to increase your knowledge and experience."

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